How to Choose Second-Hand Motorbike?

The purchase of a used motorcycle is always an adventure. Even if the bike is offered in an official deal, certain complications with the vehicle may arise, for example if it is handed over by the former owner in a trade-in. For this reason it is important to examine the vehicle before purchase with special care and attention. Below, you can read some advices on how to choose the right motorbike not being tricked.

It is necessary to consider that the given below is the summarized information on the most common issues therefore it is worth studying the thematic forums and communities dedicated to the vehicles.

Do Not Limit Your Choice Range

After having selected the best options check whether you can bargain with the seller. Specify the sale reason – sometimes it is possible to receive an additional discount is the sale has to be performed urgently. And sometimes the urgency and a possibility of a discount (especially big) could be the factors worth to consider when making a  choice, or a reason to rethink the purchase. It is likely that the vehicle being sold urgently with a big discount has other problems you do not know about. Most likely, low cost hides legal or technical problems that will demand considerable money to solve when you buy it eventually. What is worse, technical issues can pose threat to your health and life, so better double-check everything.

Do Not Consider Offers with Very Low Cost

You can gain more problems than profit with such a purchase.  Often restored equipment or motorcycles without documents, most likely stolen or imported to the country illegally, are sold so cheaply. In both cases, the joy of purchase will be short-lasting, and the problems turned out – significant.

Make Sure You Have Checked the Main Units Carefully

Ask to send additional photos of the main units of the motorcycle via social networks if you haven’t seen the bike yet. There is no joy in purchasing motorbike with barely working or bad-looking engine. Also, you can save your time by checking additional pictures first – you may be able to find out something crucial, like scratches or dents on the vehicles, or weared out details.

Examine the Garage

What the vehicle kept in a garage? Learn whether preservation of the motorcycle at the end of summer was carried out properly, and specify storage conditions in winter. Give preferences to warm garage storage with the correct preservation – it will help to avoid rust, “shrunk” rubber details and other problems caused by the long-term parking on the street.

Make Sure The Bike In The Ad Is The Same You See During a Meeting

Often sellers of the used vehicles publish non-original photos of the same bike model, which looks much more attractive. Sometimes they even place the wrong description of characteristics, make sure you have checked these details accurately before making a purchase.