Motorcycle Concepts You Have Never Seen

The development of environmentally friendly transport has managed to reach the motorcycle industry. Many manufacturers consider development of such concepts as the strategic visionary task. Despite the fact that motorcycles are not the most gluttonous consumer of fuel, they are still the source of harmful emissions.

Every year a new futuristic device is presented. It will hardly force out modern classics, however, strongly impresses with its characteristics and appearance. The majority of concepts have a futuristic design and a persistent tendency to destruction of standard perception of the gasoline motorcycle.

Retro and Futuristic Vision Next 100

A whole century has passed since BMW started its transport business. In the year of its anniversary, the company presented several concepts of the transports of the future. The reserved technological concept of the German manufacturer brought together hundreds of thousands of admirers from around the world. Due to the stability and safety it is supposed that the driver can drive without a helmet. Also the dashboard and rear-view mirrors are equipped with special glass panels that show all information on the motorcycle and navigation data needed.

The Printed Light Rider Motorcycle

One more German company showed the first-ever three-dimensional motorcycle. The motor-bike was created by subdivision of Airbus concern – AP Works company. All frame and also a battery bay have been created on the 3D printer. It weighs nearly 35 kg, and the 6-kilowatt electric motor is used as the power source. The bike is capable of accelerating up to 80 km/h for several seconds, and the driving range without recharge is 60 kilometers. The motor and all its wires are hidden in the casing so the motorcycle looks as the one you can see in the sci-fi movie.

Honda Chopper Concept

The concept of this motorcycle was created a few years ago. It is capable of attracting attention of any police officer in neighborhood. Honda Chopper was developed by the designer Peter Norris who usually works on video games. The concept of Chopper offers a different approach to races. Electric engines are set directly on wheels. The bike has a low center of gravity that provides it with improved stability and controllability.

Johammer J1

The electrical Johammer J1 motorcycle promises to do the impossible: to go for about 200 km without additional recharge. Accumulators serve also as energy drives for storage of solar energy. Actually the electric bike can be used as the home accumulator. A small series of these motorcycles are manufactured in Austria.

Voxan Wattman

Voxan Wattman was known as the most powerful electric motorcycle after release in 2013 in France, due to 12.8 kWh rechargeable battery. Completely electric bike can accelerate up to 100 km/h in only 3,4 seconds. One of the battery features is the possibility of charging within half an hour. The vehicle need recharge for 180 km distance. The project remained only a concept and did not become a thunderstorm on the market of motorcycles yet due to a number of technical complications that the developers faced while creating the model.