The History of the Original Y2K Turbine Motorbike

A motorbike is not only a very convenient mean of transportation in small towns and villages it is also called as a ‘steel horse’, an expensive ‘toy’ of cool guys which call themselves bikers.

Starring Bike

Who haven’t watched  the famous movie “The Torque”? Bikers, cool motives and chases. And at the end of the movie the denouement: the main character behind the wheel of a futuristic motorcycle with a helicopter engine … Such a bike does exist! Moreover, the second version is ready – with a new engine. And this bike is incomparable to Y2K.

MTT Y2K Superbike

MTT manufactured not only the 1st turbine-powered street legal motorbike, but also the most powerful production motorcycle in the world: the MTT Y2K Superbike.

In the best world bikes list it the second after Dodge Tomahawk. Y2K MTT Turbine Superbike is the only motorcycle in the world with a gas turbine engine, authorized for use on conventional highways. The heart of the superbike is a modified Rolls Royce-Allison 250 gas turbine engine for road traffic with power transmission to the shaft. Motorcycle power is 320 hp with an engine weight of 61 kg.

The maximum speed of the Y2K MTT Turbine Superbike is 402 km / h. Up to 100 km it accelerates in a half seconds, and up to three hundred – in 15 seconds. The volume of the fuel tank is 34 liters. The fuel consumption is 1 liter per 1,3 km. either conventional diesel or aviation kerosene serve for fuel. The exhaust can reach temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius, threatening to melt the bumper of a nearby car at a traffic light. The approximate price of a motorcycle is $ 185,000. The Superbike is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Do you know why?It is the most powerful and expensive serial motorcycle.

The Second Modification

The company Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) became famous, having presented to the world Y2K with the gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250, developing 320 hp. at 52,000 rpm (286 hp on the rear wheel). It was this bike – a really valid version – starring in The Torque, and then it was bought by collector Jay Leno.

Here is the latest news: Marine Turbine Technologies is working on the second version of this bike, it will be called MTT Turbine STREETFIGHTER and will receive a 420 hp turbo from Rolls-Royce C20B as power unit. It is known that the motorcycle will be dressed in carbon facing and stand on carbon wheel disks, to ensure stability. The rear will have a width of 240 mm; powerful radial staples will grab 340-mm brake discs, the system will be equipped with ABS. Engineers adapted the 2-speed transmission from the first version. The turbine spins up to 54,000 moments, the working shaft speed is 6000 rpm.