The Most Expensive Motorcycles

When you choose a motorbike you always look for the best price/quality correlation, however, some motorbikes that are not an option for purchase, if only you are not a millionaire-enthusiast. Their quality and coolness are rocket-high, and the prices are corresponding. And this is the kind of bikes we are going to talk in this article.

TRON Light Cycle – $77,000

In Californiaб the Throne electrocycle (copied from the Throne movie) was presented on an auction and sold for 77 000 dollars. This is twice the sum the organizers were going to get initially: 25 000 – 40 000 dollars. Light Cycle is a Throne-based motorbike developed on a by-order basis from Paul Andrews by a custom design studio. The motorcycle functions with the electric engine capable of making more than 100 km/h. The maximum cruising range is about 130 kilometers.

Confederate B120 Wraith – $92,500

The bike is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, combines futuristic design with an esthetics of retro style motorcycles of the past. The weight of the motorcycle is only 177 kg, and it can accelerate almost up to 300 km/h. It is the most expensive and fast motorcycle in the world in the Confederate class. It is equipped with the V-engine having 125 horsepowers. This motorcycle is designed for collectors of rare motorcycle models.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V – $103,800

This motorcycle is very fast due to the Ducati 1198 engine. The top version of this vehicle weighs only 153 kilograms and comprises the same time 211 horsepowers with the supercharger. This Italian motorcycle possesses an unprecedented coefficient within its class when it comes to capacity to weight correlation. It is definitely one of the top performers.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $110,000

This motorcycle is created by the company “Confederate Motor Co.”. The body frame is made of steel, therefore looking rather exclusively. In addition to the beautiful exterior, the motorcycle offers high-speed characteristics. There are only 45 such motorcycles in the world. This model is distinguished by extravagant design, the powerful two-cylinder engine of 1966 cubic centimeters and the five-speed transmission. Its weight is 195 kilograms, but at the same time it can speed up to 300 kilometers per hour.

MV Agusta F4CC – $120,000

While having quite impressive dimensions, this model’s weight is only 180 kg. The engine with a working volume of 1,2 liters and 200 horsepowers provides the bike with the ability to accelerate up to 315 km per hour. This model has been manufactured within the limited series of motorbikes, and only a hundred people in the world could get such bike. However, there is always a change to buy it from the owner, if someone wishes to give up such a great toy.